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White House Antiques - Specializing in cottage chic and french country decor.
Don't forget, we are closed this month, (May),  to get ready for our sale!!

SALE- Our next sale will e May the 31st 2014, from 1-4. We will not be taking drop offs on this day but you may drop off on Friday, May the 30th by appt. If the hardware is staying the same, we ask that you remove it and take it with you. If your item has glass, you do get a discount if it is removed. I promise it's safer with you than it is with me.
 Please use the bike lanes for parking. In addition, you may park in front of the shop, or in our driveway. Our house is located to the left (west) of the shop. Please do not park or block our neighbor's drive ways. 
 Don't forget to bring blankets, loaders and rope to tie down your loads. We will have loaders but there is usually a long line waiting to get loaded at our sales, so to get in and out fastest, please bring help.
  We hope you enjoy the sale. We have worked really hard to bring you all of these pieces at super prices. Some items are being sold at or below our cost. This sale is in  appreciation of everything you have done for us. I think back to when we first started in our little bitty shed. All I can remember is that it was either super hot, or super cold. I can remember one day I had an old thermometer in there and it said 109. One of our faithful customers was there shopping. Her and her husband were taking turns because it was so hot. They made trips back and forth to the car cooling off. We have had so many faithful customers over the years. There have  been  many military families that ship our furniture everywhere. I could not begin to count the condos and beach houses we have furnished and there is not a state that I can think of that our furniture has not seen. I have met so many great friends over the years. Many of you that have furnished multiple houses with us. Children that have come with their parents to furnish their bedrooms, then dorm rooms, and apartments or houses and now are moving into their own homes. Never did I ever think that this little idea of mine would get so big. Thanks so much for bringing us to where we are today. Enjoy the sale!!!!
 Everything pictured on this page has sold. 
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