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Cabinet bin pulls


When designing my cabinets, one of the most important things to me was storage. Style was right up there but I knew I could incorporate my own style with pulls. I love the apothecary look these pulls bring to my cabinets.  These pulls can be purchased here. Where else can you get a 10 pack of pulls for only $7.15? Only here! These pulls are antique copper. I needed the bronze look to tie in with my faucet and hardware but the highlight of the copper edging to tie into my overhead copper lanterns. Stay tuned to see those. They do have full out copper you can also access from this link. I purchased those also for furniture I was refinancing at the shop.

 As far as the single glass knobs go, I wanted something that was made stronger than the cheap ones you can get locally. I also knew that years ago Home Depot had some that were amazing, they even had the bronze on the base of the glass. They had been discontinued from the store long ago though. I knew they would be out there somewhere, I just needed to find them.  If they were anywhere to be found, Amazon would know. Ha! After browsing and playing with lots of key words I finally found them. I ordered and it was them. Made strong and tight with no give. I hit and beat one to make sure it would do the trick. Yes I did buddy. If I was putting these on my custom cabinets that I had just saved a lifetime for I was going to make sure that I would not have to change out in the next 30 years unless it was my choice. I wasn't going to deal with knobs falling off or coming unglued. I had too much invested. Well, the research has been done for you. Here they are 

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