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DIY farmhouse beads

Okay, blogging isn't so easy. I spent hours typing this up yesterday and then the post would not save. My computer ended up crashing and I lost everything. Here's hoping this turns out better tonight. The bead strands themselves were super easy to make. All you need is a package of beads. I found that Amazon was the cheapest place to get them. This affiliated link was the best deal I found for the size I needed.  I wasn't sure if the string included would be thin enough to use so I bought an extra roll since it was cheap and we go through string at the shop like cra cra. When everything arrived I tried the jute that was included and it worked great. Save some money and only get the extra roll if you plan on making a bunch. I plan on putting them on most of my Christmas gifts, giving them as gifts, making one long enough for my mantle and maybe even stringing my tree with them so yeah, I needed a truckload of string. If you want the jute I purchased, here's the link. You will also need a pair of scissors and piece of tape. 

 Here we go. So a few tips to begin with. I never cut my string to make my beads. I just string my beads while the string is still on the spool. You never know what will happen. You don't want to cut and then have to start all over again. Previously I have made lots of smaller strings. I use them everywhere. I use the small ones to drape over the back of chairs, garnish gifts, and to hang on cabinets. Anywhere you would hang a tassel basically. As far as knots go, you can never have too many. I tie tons of knots. You don't want the beads to come loose. I can handle them coming loose on me but I don't want them coming loose on someone I have given them to. Don't be afraid of altering the steps and doing whatever works for you. I kinda figured this out on my own so if I can do this, you can. So start by wrapping a piece of Scotch tape all the way around the end of the twine.

  Cut the tape to a sharp point ( pic 3), so that it is easy to fit through the bead hole. Kinda like a tape needle. Haha!

 So, start stringing. String as many beads as you want. I wanted 100 on this strand. Pic 1 shows what a string of 100 looks like. Okay, so string along. When you get all the beads on that you want, knot it up. Like I said, you can never have too many knots. After knotting it up, it's time to make your tassels. If you don't like tassels, you can add a pendant to the end . I think the crosses are beautiful and you can get those at Hobby Lobby. To make the tassels you will begin wrapping the jute around your hands. My hands are small so my tassels usually come out too short unless I 

Wrap until you like the way it looks. I usually wrap the jute around about 10 times. After wrapping it, just tie into a knot. Actually tie it into about 5 or 6 knots to make sure it's going to hold tight. You can always tuck the knots up under the band of wrap if it's bothering you. It doesn't bother me. I am the farthest from OCD that you can imagine. I love that it looks hand made and that character and love is shown. 

 Last, cut your jute loose. Make one more tassel then you are ready to cut and trim. Cut the bottom of your tassel wrap so that it looks like the pic to the left.  After cutting the loop in half you will then trim your tassels. Trim them to even them out.  After you even them out you can then attach them to your bead strand. Easy peasy. Just use some jute and attach them. Tie 4-5 knots and trim excess. Wah-lah! This is a 100 count bead strand. Just beautiful!Thank you for using my affiliated links. Affiliation is just one more way I finance this small business of mine. 

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