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Feeling tired

So, I have been head over bed tired this week. I mean, I can't get up in the am early to save my life. Literally, if there was a fire I may pop my head up and then go back to sleep. Do y'all ever get like that? I think I need a B12 shot. I know I stay up late working every night but usually have no trouble getting up early regardless. Maybe I'm just getting old. I know I am but dang, I can't slow down. I have too much to do. Maybe I'm just exhausted. Maybe it's just caught up with me. I wish I had another me to run the shop and do everything. There are just not enough hours in the day. Interruptions really crash my day up too. I think if I could get through a whole day without interruptions I could get a lot done. I should have started my day off picking tag sales all the way to the shop but instead Paul went and said he didn't find anything. I feel like I would have found plenty. There's one of my flaws. Thinking that I have to do everything. It's not that people don't constantly offer me help. They do. I just think if I don't lay my hands on it or do it myself, it may not be done right or complete. 

 So it's late, I have lagged. I'm still at home and it's 11:00 am. One more cup of coffee and I'm out of here. 

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