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Installing cabinet lights.

Today we added lighting to the inside of our cabinets. I chose this set of 3 puck lights from The Home Depot. Out of all the lights they had, this set made the most sense for us because we needed linkable lights. I had one outlet installed above the cabinets so that we could do our own lighting when we were ready. If I didn't choose the linkable light sets I would have need 4 outlets to plug into.  I really wanted the set with remote since I won't be able to turn these off and on without climbing somewhere but the remote set was battery operated with double stick tape to hold it in. I felt like we needed something better since the home may belong to someone else eventually. I hate for lights to start falling long after we are gone. 

 These were super easy to install since we were able to move our cabinets to the floor and work on the tops. Honestly I don't know that I will ever attach these cabinets to the wall unless it's for the new owners when we move out. It has been super convenient moving them around. If we would have attached them when we first put them up, I would have never been able to change them when I figured out I wanted the small cabinets on bottom instead of the top, which is how I originally designed them. Thank goodness for honest daughter's that give their opinions. I sent Cassidy pictures of the small cabinets on top and a pic of them on bottom. She said they look like they are upside down in the first picture. lol. I never noticed until she pointed it out. We flipped the small cabinets to the bottom and then I though, why did I not think of this from the get go? Instant breadboxes and now I can actually use the tiny cabinets instead of them being way up by the ceilings. I love the look of them on bottom. Getting back to installation, these took less than 30 minutes for each side. Paul used a hole saw bit that he attached to his drill. He uses a Milwaukee m12 drill from Home Depot. A great deal at only $99. 

  To get started you will need to measure out and mark your spot. I wanted mine centered in the middle of each glass door. We measured out and marked our spots. Then Paul attached his hole saw bit to his screw gun and went at it. After we got the hole cut we noticed that the puck light would not go down into the hole because of the plug sticking out the side. You would think the light company would have had this figured out by now since these lights are used a lot for sinking into cabinets. Our cabinets are standard thickness so I just wonder how everyone else is working this out. Thankfully we have a router so we routed into the top of the cabinet until the puck fit snug with the plug falling into the sunken spot. Yay! It's in. After that we put the cabinet back up in place, cleaned up our mess, and flipped the switch.  I have to plug this Milwaukee shop vac real quick so hold up. It's absolutely the best thing we have ever purchased as far as tools go. It beats lugging the big shop vac in from the shed. You can see how small and easy it is to carry around. I keep it under the kitchen cabinets. It's so easy to pull out and vacuum drawers with or to carry out to the car. This is a great Christmas gift for your guy too. What guy doesn't love Milwaukee anyway? Okay, so back to our project. For right now we threw the switch up on top of the cabinets but will soon be adding crown so I'll have to come up with a solution tomorrow. We can either run the switch and cord down the right back corner of the cabinet on the outside, putting it to the left of my sink or just leave it on all the time. I'm leaning towards leaving it on all the time.  Maybe we can add a trap door on the side just in case I ever need it off. I'm so pleased with how it turned out. I love it! Now just to add crown. 

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