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It's Fall Y'all

I grew pumpkins! Ok, I grew the 2 peach colored ones and that happened by accident. That’s another story. I didn’t get too much done on my off days but I did get my pumpkins washed and cleaned up so that I can get fall decorating started sometime this week. Something many people don’t know is that it’s so important to clean your pumpkins to prevent them from rotting. No one wants that smell around too early. Some people like to soak their’s in bleach but I have tried to lay off the bleach in recent years. (Yet another story). I always start in an area with plenty of room. Last year it was my bathtub, this year, my farm sink. Use a mild detergent and a soft scrubby brush. My choice is always my Grove scrubby and dish soap. Not only are they absolutely stunning to look at, but they smell good too! You can find the link below. They are offering freebies right now to anyone that signs up through our link. After you get them all rinsed off, you will want to thoroughly dry them. Don’t forget to squirt out your sink. Try to do this with a sprayer or pitcher. You don’t want to scratch the finish on your sink. If you find it necessary you can add a coat of clear sealer to your pumpkins to last a little bit longer. We like to go au naturale. The less chemicals in our house, the better. That’s probably the best part of using Grove Collaborative. All of their products are all natural. If I could carry them in our store, I definitely would. Now, let’s get on with the decorating! 

The Grove Special offer ➡️


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