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Outdoor living


Fall comes and goes way too fast for me. It's my favorite time of the year without a doubt. This spring wasn't too bad but usually our springs here in the South are either too hot or too cold. Fall is always perfect. It's the one time of the year that I love to get outside and decorate. I enjoy spending time on the deck with my babies and our family. The hammock is always out and bonfires are an everyday thing here. We keep the fire bowl up on the deck in the fall so it's easy to walk out, light up, and get cozy. Yes, we can put away some smores. If the grandbabies are over we usually do them every night. 

 It's so important to have an outdoor living space somewhere footsteps away from the living room for me. Kids today are so involved in their phones and binge watching that I think it's great to catch their attention with a cozy spot outside. When Lindsey walks through the living room and I have the hammock out, she immediately makes a B line for the deck. Even if she is going out there to lay down, it's fresh air. If Braylen and Stella are here, they follow. That leads to major cuddle, tickle, and family time. Priceless moments happen on our deck. 

 We have plenty of garden lights up that create a cozy ambience. I don't get into adding candles and lanterns like some people do. I just don't have time to keep the glass clean. Garden lights do everything I need them to. We have a hammock swing also on the deck for Stella. Of course we bring everything in at night. I have left our hammock out for a few days before to come home and find mold spots appearing from the dew overnight. That lead to several hours of bleaching it out. I actually used a tide pod the first time this happened and it nearly ruined my hammock by turning it a bright ultraviolet purple. It took several bleach baths to get it back to normal. I purchased our baby swing and adult swing chair hammock from the Hamanica company via Etsy. They are a handmade company. Although they have beautiful full size hammocks, I was able to find more affordable options through Wayfair. I love our deck and wish I would have had this set up when all of mine were little ones. Now all I have to do is get my grown kids to come home and spend time here with us!

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